Workshops Classroomnotes 24/Dec/2022

What we have done so far

  • Overview

What is the overall goal for today

  • overview

How are we going to acheive this

  1. CI/CD Setup
  2. Docker Registry
  3. Kubernetes Cluster:
    1. Terraform setup
    2. Setup aks/eks cluster using terraform with 4 workspaces and backends
    3. Call terraform init and apply from ci/cd
    4. Configure credentials to kubectl
  4. Deploying Applications
    1. We need manifests
    2. Problem with manifests and then we will use Kustomize.

Using Terraform to Create K8s Cluster

  • Create a linux vm
    • install terraform
    • get/write the terraform templates to create k8s cluster
  • I will be using this node for terraform and kubectl as well
  • EKS cluster: Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the Jenkinsfile
  • Execute this from jenkins
  • Write Manifest to deploy one service.

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