Azure Classroom Series – 15/Dec/2020

Scenario 1: LT-insurance Management System

  • This scenario is about a ficticious product from learning thoughts, LT-iMS
  • This product is used by insurance companies. Users of this application are
    • insurance companies
    • insurance agents
    • customers
    • Hospitals
  • Quotes are generated for customers depending on the needs by insurance agents
  • Once the customer gives an approval, an insurance policy is generated.
  • Customer can claim insurance benifits in hospitals
  • This product as of now is deployed in the Datacenter maintained by Learning Thoughts, Lets examine its architecture Preview
  • For LT-iMS lots of organization across the world are becoming customers and it is becoming difficult and costly to maintain the infrastructure across the globe.
  • So architect of LT-iMS (Steve) has decided to migrate the application to Azure Preview
  • Now Steve has to know about the storage options of azure.
  • Some of the storage requirements
    • Insurance quotes generated should be available for next 5 years to access
    • Policies generated should be available in the database for 20 years
    • Insurance Policy generated in one country cannot be moved to storage in other country
    • Quotes grater than 1 year of generation have to be archived.

Scenario: LT-eLearn

  • This is a new product about to be launched by LT for elearning solutions
  • The customers of this are
    • companies for training employees
    • colleges for training students
  • Users of one organization would be
    • Content Designer
    • Content Uploader
    • Customer
  • All of the trainings will be in the form of
    • videos
    • powerpoint slides
    • audio files
    • Interactive Tutorials (web based)
  • Lets try to see how architect mike designs this product to run on microsoft azure Preview
  • Now what are different considerations for mike to design a global elearning product.

Storage Terms

  • Data Availability:
    • This refers to uptime (Whether the storage system is operational and can deliver the data upon request)
    • Historically to maintain availability redundancy
  • Durability:
    • This refers to long-term data protection i.e. the stored data doesn’t get corrupted/lost
  • IOPS: IO per second. The time taken by storage system to perform Input/Output Opertations


  1. Azure Cloud Account is Created Refer Here
  2. Try creating a free vm Refer Here
  3. If you want to start cloud from scratch Refer Here

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