Azure Classroomnotes 20/Aug/2023

Azure Storage Services

  • Refer Here for the official docs
  • Azure Provides storage services out of which to deal with the below we need storage account
    • blob storage
    • file share
    • Table storage
    • Queue Storage

Azure Storage Account

  • Azure Storage account is a service for offering storage services around

    • blobs
    • file shares
    • table storage
    • Queue Storage
  • To Store Blobs, We need to create containers. In Each container we can unlimited number of files.
  • Each file in Azure Storage account cannot be greater than 4.7 TiB
  • Creating a Storage Account: Refer Here for the docs
  • Lets add some data to storage account
  • Storage Account name has to be unique across Azure
  • url of the object will be in the following pattern https://<storageaccountname><container-name>/<filepath>
  • since the storage account and container names are part of urls they need to follow the naming constratints of urls


  • Create a storage account with any name.
    • Create two containers
      • public access level = private (no anonymous access)
      • public access level = blob
    • Now upload some files into private container and some into public container
    • Access the blobs using browser in public container
    • Do the same thing for blobs in private container and make a note of error.

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