Azure Classroom notes 15/Nov/2023

Azure Compute – Virtual Machines

  • Virtual Machine Life Cycle (States): This is for on-demand instances. Refer Here
  • In Azure when we stop the vm from portal or from cli we are deallocating

Azure Virtual Machine connectivity

  • In the last session we had spoken about ssh and rdp
  • Azure allows to connect to Azure VMS using
    • Native SSH or RDP
    • SSH using Azure CLI
    • Bastion
  • Bastion is considered to be safe as we need not expose RDP and SSH Ports to all ips
  • Enterprise Clients prefer using Bastion for connecting vms’s securely
  • Note: Refer Here for using Bastion over native clients
  • After deploying bastion

Azure Virtual Machine – Extra’s

  • Reset Passwords: Help -> Reset Passwords
  • We can run the commands in Azure VMs directly without credentials if you have virtual machine administrator rights by using run command
  • Azure Vms have agents which make this possible
  • Auto Shutdowns


  • Create an Azure Virtual Machine and then
    • Reset Password
    • Install java into ubuntu from Run command sudo apt update && sudo apt install openjdk-17-jdk -y
  • Create an Azure Billing estimate for running
    • 1 vm with ubuntu linux for 1 month
    • disk size is 64 GB

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