Azure Classroom notes 11/Nov/2023

IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS

  • Overview

Azure Compute Services

  • Choosing the Right Azure Compute Service
  • IaaS:
    • Azure Virtual Machines
    • Azure Virtual Machine Scalesets
  • PaaS:
    • Azure App Services
    • Azure Spring Apps
    • Azure Kubernetes Services
    • Azure Container Instances
  • FaaS:
    • Azure Functions


  • Azure charges for services
    • Unit of time: generally hourly in few services its second
    • If you give long term commmitment ( 1 year or 3 years) we get extra discounts (Azure Reservations/Azure Service Plans)
    • To make revenue out of free hardware they run some auction kind of model (Azure Spot Instances)

Azure Account

  • Our Accounts: Free tier
  • Enterprise Accounts

Ways of Working in Azure

  • We have 3 major ways of accessing azure
    • From Browser (Portal)
    • From Command Line (Azure CLI)
    • From Templates (IaC/ ARM Templates/Azure Bicep)

Quick Start: Create a Linux Virtual Machine

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