DevOps Classroomnotes 11/Oct/2022


  • Company: iSymbiotic
  • Product: Stock Market Predictions
  • Customers: Banks
  • Deploying Products: iSymbiotic
  • Possible Deployment Scenarios:
    • On-premises/VmWare/OpenStack
    • Azure:
      • ARM Templates
      • Azure CLI/Powershell
      • Azure SDK
    • AWS:
      • Cloudformation
      • AWS CLI
      • AWS SDK
    • GCP:
      • GCLOUD SDK
      • GCLOUD CLI
  • App Architecture:
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC):
    • This means expressing our infra needs in the form of some template.
    • While creating/realizing the infra, pass the dynamic values.
  • Terraform:
    • IaC which runs on any virtual platform
  • What do we have to do
    • Define your infrastructure as a template in Terraform
    • Execute the template to create infrastructure.
  • In which Language do we need to write these templates?
    • Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL)
  • Here we express what we want in the template which is referred as Desired State
  • Now when execute terraform will try to create infra to match your Desired State.
  • Idempotence: This is property which states that executing once or multiple times will have the same result
  • For infra-provisioning we need a template which helps in meeting desired state and is idempotent.
  • There are two popular tools
    • Terraform
    • Pulumi

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