Azure Classroom Series – 04/Feb/2021

Migrating Virtual Machines to Azure

  • In this session we will focus on creating the simulated on-premise environment
  • Our Goal is to migrate virtual machines running on windows server on-premise to azure Preview
  • For simulating the on-premise environment, we will be creating an azure vm with hyper v enabled. Then lets create virtual machines on it.
  • Refer Here to create a windows vm in azure to simulate on-premise environment
  • Create a resource group to simulate on-premise Preview
  • Create a windows vm with size mentioned in the documentation above Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now login into vm by executing mstsc -v public ip
  • Now follow the steps as done in the class by referring document to create nested virtualization
  • To Create Virtual Machines, we have two options create them using gui options by downloading operating system images (iso)
  • We can create virtual machines easily on hyper v by using a software called as vagrant Refer Here
  • On the windows server
    • Install Chocolatey
    • Install Vagrant using Chocolatey Preview
  • Now Refer Here and choose any two virtual machine images
    • centos/7
    • generic/ubuntu1804
  • Create 2 folders
    • centos
    • ubuntu
  • Next Steps:
    • Lets create virtual machines using vagrant on hyper v.

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