DevOps Classroomnotes 02/Oct/2022

Sonarqube Contd

  • Refer Here for jenkins integration with sonar qube
  • Refer Here for jenkins integration with sonar cloud
  • For the Jenkinsfile for the sonarqube project Refer Here

Multi-Branch Pipelines

  • Consider the following repo, where we have 3 branches which reflect 3 different environments with 3 different Jenkinsfile i.e pipeline steps
  • Jenkins has multi branch pipeline project, lets see how it works

User Management

  • Jenkins does have two ways of dealing with users
    • Users from external sources like Active Directory, Open LDAP
    • Users created and maintained in Jenkins
  • Navigate to Manage Jenkins -> Global Security
  • For Authorization. Generally
    • Matrix based Security
    • Project Based Matrix Authorization.


  • Jenkins plugins can be installed by Manage Pluigns -> Advanced and then Deploy. Jenkins plugin will be of the extension hpi (hudson plugin interface) or jpi (jenkins plugin interface)
  • Cloudbees is the organization supporting jenkins and for major contributions to jenkins open source. Cloudbees offers enterprise support to jenkins , This edition of jenkins is referred as Cloudbees enterprise Jenkins.
  • Jenkins has two more interfaces

  • Blue Ocean is a new UI for jenkins pipeline projects Refer Here

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