DevOps Classroomnotes 02/Oct/2022

Azure DevOps

  • This is a suite of Products by microsoft and opensources to manage the lifecylcle of the application
  • Azure DevOps has features for
    • Project Management with Agile
      • Product Backlogs
      • Sprint Backlogs
      • Defect Management
      • Release Management
      • Test Case Management
    • For Documentations wiki is supported
    • For CI/CD it has Pipelines (in yaml format)
    • For Storing Package (Package Repository) => Azure Artifacts
  • Azure DevOps has two ways of usage
    • Self Hosted: Azure DevOps Express and Enterprise edition can be installed on Windows Servers Refer Here
    • Cloud Hosted: Refer Here
  • Once you create the free account in Azure DevOps, An organization will be created and then we are asked to create a project
  • Documentations for your activities are done in markdown format Refer Here. For this we use Wiki (Azure DevOps) / Confluence (Atlassian – JIRA ALM)

Important Terms

  • Project Management/Working

    • Agile Project
    • Scrum
    • Product Backlog
    • Sprint Backlog
    • Sprint Formalities
      • Sprint Kick off
      • Daily Standup
      • Sprint Demo
      • Sprint Retrospective
    • Roles:
      • Team Member
      • Scrum Master
      • Product Owner
  • Types of Tests which we Need to know as DevOps Engineers

    • Regression Test
    • Smoke Tests
    • Sanity Tests
    • Integration Test
    • White Box Testing:
      • Unit Tests
    • Black Box
      • Selenium Browser Automation
    • Grey Box
      • Postman
    • Performance Testing
      • Jmeter
  • Mean Time To Fail (MTTF)
  • Mean Time To Recover (MTTR)

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