Networking Foundation – 14/Oct/2019


  • sub-network
  • Network break into multiple subnets


  • Dividing Larger network into multiple smaller network is subnetting
  • Conventions:
    • Subnets network id will contain network’s network id
Network: => 192.168 (Nid) => 2^16-2

Possible Subnet : => 192.168.0 (Nid) => 2^8-2

Possible Subnet: => 192.168(Nid)

Impossible Subnet: => 192

Impossible Subnet : => 

Design a network with 200 devices per subnet (private network)


2 power x ~= 200
what can be value of x
x = 8  

  • Here x stands for host sizes.
  • But when we write cidr we need to consider nid size
host id size = 8
network id size = 32 -8 = 24

  • when you design subnets your cidr range will be x.y.z.0/24 and network can be x.y.0.0/16
  • If we consider private cidr range as
G-1 =>  
G-2 =>
404 =>

Design private network for the below image


How to enable communications between two networks?


default gateway

  • There is a device called as router, which can send packets from one network to another
  • At our homes we are able to google.
traceroute (linux or mac)


  • Router forwards packet from one network to another
  • Router has something called at route table.
  • This route table will consist of all different networks to which packets can be forwarded.


  • Network Address Translation is responsible for internet access to private networks

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