AWS Classroom Series – 20/Mar/2020

Simple Storage Services


  • Bucket: Container of S3 objects and S3 folders
  • Object: any file
  • Folder: container of objects or folder

S3 Bucket Pricing

  • Storage: size of objects
  • Access: Accessing the Data
  • Redundancy: Copying the data internally of availability and durability


  • Availability: Property which describes about the data being available for access
  • Durability: Property which describes about your objects not getting corrupted or lost

Storage Classes

  • Define Availability, Durability and the cost
  • Refer Here for storage classes
  • Types:
    • Standard:
      • Default storage class
      • Costly storage class
      • Cost of Storage is more
      • Cost of access is less
    • Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering:
      • Storage class is choosen by AWS automatically depending on usage of objects
    • Infrequent access:
      • Designed for infrequent
      • Cost of Storage is less
      • Cost of Access is more
    • One Zone-Infrequent Access:
      • Designed for infrequent with less redundant data
  • Life Cycle:
    • Life Cylce can help in transition of the objects from one stroage class to other storage depending on times


  • S3 Allows Enabling Versioning for Objects
  • Whenever the same object is uploaded with changes a new version gets created
  • In AWS you can only suspend versions. Amazon will never delete older versions, its users responsibility.


  • In S3 Buckets access to the objects can be
    • Public (anonymous access)
    • Private
  • Object Permissions can be given to
    • All (Anonymous) => Public Access (Read)
    • Other AWS Accounts => Account Id

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