Azure Classroom Series – 19/Mar/2020

Azure Disk Snapshots

  • Snapshot Documentation Refer Here
  • In Azure snapashots are full by default with Azure Portal. If you want to create an incremental backup of the managed disk then use this url to login into Azure and then you should be create incremental backups as well from portal. Refer here for complete docs
  • For UnManaged Disk Backups Refer Here


  • Create a resource group
  • Create a storage account
  • Create one linux vm (B1s)
  • Create one windows vm (B1s)
  • Now in storage account navigate to File Share Preview
  • Create a file share with a quota of 1 GB
  • Mount it on windows and linux machines

Azure File Share

  • Is a Network Storage using SMB 3.0 Prototcol
  • Azure File Share can be mounted
    • With in Azure
    • On-Premises Preview
  • Refer Here for official docs
  • Azure file share can be restricted to access with azure and also on premises.
    • Authentication and Authorization
    • Azure storage account Keys
  • Azure file share can be created in storage account
    • General Purpose V2
    • File Storage Storage Accounts

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