Azure Classroom series – 22/Jul/2020

On-Premise to Azure Connectivity

  • What is Gateway subnet Preview

    • Gateway subnet contains the IP address that the virtual network gateway service uses.
  • What is Virtual Network Gateway?

    • A virtual network gateway is composed of two or more vms that are deployed to specific subnet (Gateway Subnet). These VM’s contain routing tables and specific gateway services which help in configuring VPN Connections
    • Creating a virtual network gateway takes approximately 45 mins to complete.
  • What is VPN Gateway?

    • This is specific type of virtual network gateway that is used to send encrypted traffic b/w on-premise location and Azure virtual network.
  • VPN Connections in Azure.

    1. Site to Site VPN Connection: Refer Here Preview
      • If your organization is using any of the vpn devices mentioned over here we can establish site to site vpn Refer Here
    2. Multi Site VPN Connection: Preview
  • We have discussed about azure backbone network.

  • Using Edge locations you can take a leased connection b/w your organization & Edge location, These kind of connections are referred as express routes Preview

  • Now you can purchase consistent bandwith options ranging from 50 Mbps to 10Gbps

  • Site to Site VPNs and Express Routes can co-exist Preview

  • If you want to use VPN/Express Route to connect to multiple virtual networks in azure use hub and spoke network architecture Preview

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