DevOps Classroomnotes 24/May/2022

Terraform contd

  • Variable types: variable types supported by terraform are

    • string
    • number
    • bool
    • list
    • map
    • set
    • object
    • any
  • Terraform offers loops

    • loops with count paramter
    • loops with for_each expression
    • loops with for expression
  • Loops with count parameter: Refer Here for the usage of count parameter

Terraform Functions

  • Terraform has lot of built in functions to help us with some logics/functionality Refer Here
  • To understand functions, explore them using terraform console
  • Refer Here for the usage of length function
  • Exercise: What does coalesce and coalescelist functions do?
  • Used cidrsubnet function to dynamically calculate the cidr ranges Refer Here

Terraform Expressions

Exercise: try to understand all the types of terraforms with examples Refer Here

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