Azure Classroomnotes 17/Apr/2022

Active Directory (AD)

  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
  • Active Directory (AD) is Microsofts directory and identity managment service for Windows domain networks.
  • AD has different Directory Services
    • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
    • Active Directory Light Weight Directory Services (AD LDS)
    • Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)
    • Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)
  • Refer Here for the Active Directory Tutorial.
  • AD DS and AD FS
  • After creating Active Directory with some users and groups
  • Azure:

    • Download Azure AD Connect Refer Here
    • Configure AD Connect as shown in the class to sync user details
  • AWS

    • Try to create a directory service with AD Connector and then Refer Here

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