Azure Classroom Series – 09/Sept/2020

Provision & Configure Azure SQL Database

  • SQL Database Offerings

    1. Single Database: With a single database, we assign the preallocated compute or storage to the database
    2. Elastic pool: with Elastic pools, you create a database inside of pool of databases & they share the same resources to meet unpredictable demands
    3. Managed Instance Preview Preview Preview
  • Navigate to All Services => Azure SQL and click to create database Preview Preview Preview

  • Azure SQL Deployment Options

    • SQL Databases:
      • This is PAAS (Platform as a Service) offering of Microsoft SQL Server
      • In this we need to create a database server
      • Then we can choose b/w single database & elastic pool
    • SQL Managed Instance:
      • This is SQL Server Enterprise edition with additional features
      • If your existing database uses Microsoft BI (SSRS/SSIS etc)
      • This is also PAAS offering
    • SQL Virtual Machines:
      • A VM with SQL server installed will be allocated and you will have access to vm.
      • This is Infrastructure as a server(IAAS)
  • Purchasing Models:

    • DTUs (Database Transaction Units):
      • DTUs are blend of compute, storage and IO resource that you pre allocate for the logical server.
      • For single Database the capacity is measured in DTUs, for elastic pools the capacity is measured in eDTUs
      • Refer Here for What is DTU.
    • vCore model:
      • This is the recommended model.
      • If you have existing sql server license microsoft offers upto 55% discount.
      • Three Service Tiers
        • General Purpose
        • Hyperscale
        • Business Critical

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