AWS Classroomnotes 07/May/2023

Single-AZ vs Multi-AZ Deployment in AWS RDS

  • Single-AZ Deployment
    • Overview: RDS will be created in any one AZ in db subnet group
    • No Failover: If the database fails we have rely on our backups to create a new database
    • Recommended for dev/test environments
    • To make it work for production, backup strategies have to be decent
  • Multi – AZ Deployment
    • Overview:
      • RDS will create a Main and Stand by DB instance in two different AZ
      • Any changes in main will be synced to Standby (i.e. a DB statement will be complete only when it is synced with Standby)
    • Automatic Failover between Master adn Standby is available
    • Master and Standby will be of same size
    • RDS Endpoint is a DNS Name which points to master and if failover happens it points to standby
    • Recommeded for running Production instances
  • Read Replicas can be created in same region or cross region. Read Replicas help in unloading the main db instance with read traffic.

Creating a Read Replica

  • Create a free tier mysql rds instance
  • Ensure Backups are enabled
  • Create read replica

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