DevOps Classroomnotes 07/May/2023

nopCommerce Architecture

  • This application has two servers involved
    • Application:
      • This application runs on .net core 7
      • install the application
      • If the application is horizontally scaled, then we will be using a loadbalancer/reverse proxy
    • Database
      • we will be using mysql database
      • This can be a managed database

Realizing this application in AWS

  • Let me create a free tier rds based mysql
  • Install dotnet 7 on ubuntu vm Refer Here
  • Refer Here for installing nopcommerce on linux
  • Refer to classroom video for installation

Next Steps

  • Lets create a basic check to verify if

    • the server is alive.
    • the application is alive.
  • Email Alerts: Refer Here. Create an inbox in mail trap

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