Azure Classroomnotes 07/May/2023

DTU vs vCore

  • DTU (Database Transaction Unit):
    • This represents a unit of database size which combines
      • CPU
      • Memory
      • Disk
    • Azure Published Benchmarks Refer Here
    • Refer Here for DTUs
  • vCore:
    • This represents database size with well known units
    • Refer Here for service tiers
    • Serverless is supported in VCore Refer Here
  • Total Compute tier options
    • DTU: Refer Here for service tiers
      • Basic
      • Standard
      • Premium
    • vCore
      • General Purpose
      • Business Critical
      • HyperScale

Price Estimate

  • Azure Reservations is commitment from customer for 1 year or 3 years Refer Here
  • Refer Here for pricing calculator
  • Scenario 1: We need a database for our testing environments, The size of data is 250 GB
    • DTU (General purpose)
    • VCore (General Purpose) / Serverless
  • Scenario 2: We need a database for ticket reservation system with alteast 100 GB store
    • VCOre (Business Critical/Azure Hybrid Benifit/Reservations)
  • Scenario 3: We need a database for production with 100 GB of Storage. This application has peak hours and no use time during every day
    • I would recommend serverless or Business Critical

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