Azure Classroom Series – 13/Apr/2021

Azure Active Directory (AD)

  • Basic Resource Hierarchy Preview

  • To manage access to the resources which are created in the cloud we need an Authentication and Authorization i.e. an Identity and Access Management System

  • In Azure, Azure AD is responsible for Authentication and Authorization. Azure AD is linked to tenant.

  • Every subscription is linked to tenant which is responsible for Authentication and Authorization Preview

  • Scenario 1:

    • You are working startup organization which has only 15 employees and they have decided to use Azure. Users will be creating all the resources in Azure
      • First an Organizational account is created and suitable subscription is chosen.
      • For all the 15 users a user is created in Azure Active Directory
      • If required we create groups
      • Then we assign necessary permissions to users and groups
  • Scenario 2:

    • You are working for an organization which is a global company and has approximately 75000 employees. This organization has been using some identity management system (Windows Active Directory) for controlling authentication and authorization in their organization. Now this organization wants to move to Azure. Preview
      • We can continue using the Active Directory servers and connect the Active Directory servers to Azure AD
      • We can move all the data from Active Directory Servers into Azure
  • For Better understanding

    • Basics of Active Directory
    • Authentication and Authorization methods

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