DevOps Classroom Series – 13/Apr/2021

Scenario 1: qt-restaurant

  • QT has an application which is for restaurant order management

  • This application has the following architecture and is developed in Java language Preview

  • Each Service and database in this application is running on a different virtual machine

  • We need approximately 10 servers to run this app.

  • When this application is running

    • can there be server failures?
    • Can there be application failures?
  • Can we stop all failures?

  • Since we cannot stop all the failures, we can atleast react to failures quickly and resolve.

  • For known failures, we need to pro-act and for unknown failures we need to react quickly

  • In some cases we can even automate to the error resolution.

  • To do all of this we need some kind of system which can monitor

    • server’s health
    • application’s health
    • analyze server logs
    • analyze application logs
    • analyze different metrics from servers and applications
  • Building this kind of system can also help in understanding usage patterns of the users which can be analyzed and simplified.

  • Generally we have two kinds of monitoring

    • Server Monitoring
    • Application Monitoring
  • Whenever any application runs, it generates logs. To understand application behavior we need to analyze logs.

  • Analyzing logs is a challenge

    • logs are plain text and are unstructured
    • logs donot have standard format.
  • In your organization you might be running multiple applications and having multiple log analysis and monitoring solutions might be challenging, so we need a centralized log monitoring and analysis

  • To solve these kind of scenarios there are many centralized log analytics applications, we are going to learn about

    • Elastic Stack Preview
  • Logs which are generated by applications or servers are directed into elastic search using logstash or beats.

  • Logstash/Beats will forward the logs to elastic search which stores the logs and also has features to analyze the logs

  • Kibana which is a UI for elastic search system will help us by providing user interface to

    • create dashboards
    • analyzing the logs Preview

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