Azure Classroom Series – 10/Apr/2020

Azure Virtual Machine Power States

  • Starting: Indicates that vm is being started
  • Running: Indicates that vm is running
  • Stopping: Indicates that vm is being stopped
  • Stopped: Indicates that vm is stopped
  • Deallocated: Indicates that the VM is removed from the hypervisor, but still can be started


Reserved Instances

  • Reserved INstances is about giving a long term commitment to azure and which reduces the bill
  • So lets experiment a vm with B1S with Pay as you go Preview
  • NOw lets go with reserved instance for 1 year Preview
  • Now lets try with 3 years reserverd Preview
  • How to purchase a reserved Instance
    • You should have Owner role on the subscription
    • Login into Azure Portal
    • Navigate to All Services => Reservations Preview
    • Now Add to purchase a reservation and select the additional options
      • Billing Frequency: Upfront/Monthly
      • Term: One/Three Years
      • Scope: Single Resource Group/Singe Subscription/Shared Scope Preview
  • Changes that can be and cannot be made after reservation
    • Can be Changed:
      • Scope
      • Instance Size
      • Ownership
    • Cannot Change:
      • Reservation’s Region
      • Quantity
      • Duration
  • Can i Cancel?
    • Azure provides options to cancel, exchange or refund reservations

Spot VMs

  • Allow you to take advantage of unuse capacity at very less pricing.
  • Pricing works by a request (auction) to azure, when the current price is equal to your request price a vm is allocated in your subscription
  • When the current price of vm is more than what you have requested for you will not get a vm.
  • Warning note: Never use Spot VMs for Primary Servers

VM Types and Sizes

Next Topics

  • Understanding sizes
  • AZURE CLI and Azure Powershell

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