AWS Classroom Series – 10/Apr/2020

Instance Purchasing Options

On-Demand Instances

  • Whenever you need an instance you can create, manage and terminate the instance
  • Most widely option and costlier option
  • This is a default option
  • Billing will stop for ec2 instance when the state is stopped
  • You will charged for whatever you have used Preview

Reserved Instances

  • Reserved instance can save costs bcoz you give commitment of 1 or 3 years to amazon

  • Term: One-Year/3-Year

  • Payment:

    • All Upfront
    • Partial Upfront and rest is monthly
    • No-Upfront
  • Offerings:

    • Standard: Here you get most discount it can only be modified
    • Convertable: lesser discount, because it can be exchanged and modified
  • Price comparisions

    • On-demand m4.large Preview
    • All upfront saves lot of cost for m4.large
  • In Reserved instances, you will be paying if the machine is running or stopped.

Dedicated Hosts

  • Dedicated host is a physical server on which you can create Ec2 instances and in AWS you can reserver Dedicated Hosts
  • Dedicated Hosts Restrictions
    • AMIS => RedHat, SUSE and SQL Server AMIs
    • Instance family => R5,C5 and M5
  • Dedicated Hosts are costly

Spot Instances

  • Designed by AWS to make use of unused hardware in AZ’s
  • AWS allows users to bid for Spot Instances
    • Spot price
  • Caution: Never use spot instances for primary workloads.

AWS Nitro System

  • Xen Hypervisor will be as shown below Preview

  • For this Xen hypervisor to work effeciently they ise two software components on the Hypervisor

    • Virtual Machine Manager (VMM):
      • Trap the rejections caused due to permission issues and handle them
    • Device Model (DM):
      • software which can handle instructions such as communication to network on a different server
  • AWS had build ASIC (Chips) for effeciently handling software tasks which has increased the EC2 Perfomance Preview

  • This project is called as AWS Nitro

    • Nitro Cards
    • Nitro Security Chip
    • Nitro Hypervisor
  • Refer Here for basic info

  • Look into resources section on this page Refer Here

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