DevOps Classroomnotes 01/May/2022

Continuous Integration CI / Continuous Delivery

  • Big Bang Integrations were done or adopted by the industry in early 2000’s
  • Grady Booch has proposed Continuous Integration.
    • Maintain a single code repository for a project
    • Integrate your application every time/frequently whenever developer commits
    • Ensure you have automated unit tests such as smoke tests, sanity tests
    • Automate the build and execute the tests, showcase the test results.
    • Also check code quality
  • Lot of Organization Have CI in place.
  • We need a tool which can detect when the code is commited to the repository and execute the tests and also notify the results. There are lot of tools for this
    • Azure DevOps (Formerly called as VSTS):
      • From Microsoft
    • Bamboo:
      • From Atlassian
    • GitLab
    • GitHub Action
    • Jenkins
    • TeamCity
    • Travis CI
  • As part of our course, We learn Jenkins and Azure DevOps.
  • During the DevOps Demo we have already understood what Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment are.
  • Any CI/CD Engine is almost equivalent to CRON on Steriods
  • CI/CD System will have SCM(Source Code Management) tool integrations


  • An Open Source Automation Server fine tuned for CI/CD Activities.


  • Try to find how to create a cron job on linux and understand cron syntax
  • Refer Here for syntax.

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