Azure Classroom Series – 05/Nov/2020

Azure VNET Contd..

  • Create an Azure Virtual Network with 3 subnets
  • Azure allows you to add more ip addresses to your virtual network and change the ip ranges of subnets
  • Lets create an Azure VM in web subnet
  • Now when the vm is creating look into the networking resources created
    • NIC will be created
    • public ip will be created
    • Network Security Group will be created Preview
  • Lets review the VM Network Settings Preview
  • Now lets click on Network Interface Preview
  • Lets review IP Configurations Preview

Network Interface

  • Network interface is an virtual interface that provides the ip addresses to the vm/any service connected to it.
  • Network Interface belongs to a subnet.
  • Network interface can have
    • private ip address
    • public ip address
  • Both Private & public ip addresses are dynamic by default. (when you shutdown (deallocate) the vm ip’s are released)
  • Both Private & Public ip addresses can be made static
  • Lets create a virtual network interface in web subnet and attach to the vm Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now Lets navigate to vm’s networking settings Preview
  • Lets shutdown the vm and navigate to network settings Preview Preview
  • Lets create a public ip address Preview Preview
  • Now start the virtual machine. Try to login into vm using both ip address. It works only with one ip
  • For the second ip to work, we need to understand the concept of Network Security groups

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