AWS Classroom Series – 05/Nov/2020

AWS Networking using CLI

  • AWS CLI Should be installed Refer Here
  • Refer Here for IAM User Creation
  • From CLI to connect to aws we need
    • Access Key
    • Secret Key
  • In AWS names are special tag. The tag will have Name as key and name entered as value
  • CLI Command searching tips Preview Preview
  • Lets create a vpc using cli Preview
  • Lets delete the vpc created Preview
  • Now lets create the ntier network
    • VPC with Cidr range of ‘’ and tag with Name as ntier
    • 4 subnets
      • web =
      • app =
      • db =
      • mgmt =
  • Lets write cli in a shell script format. Refer Here for the script Preview
  • Lets get vpc-id and store it
  • Lets create subnets Refer Here
  • Exercise:
    • Write the cli to create a public and private route table
    • associate public rt with web & mgmt subnets
    • associate private rt with db and app subnets

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