DevOps Classroom Series – 05/Nov/2020

Docker images

  • Consider this dockerfile
FROM openjdk:8
LABEL author="shaik khaja ibrahim"
LABEL org="Learning Thoughts"
ADD spring-petclinic.jar
CMD [ "java", "-jar", "spring-petclinic.jar" ]

  • while building this image we might have a new URL where the image is to be downloaded and file might have a new name
  • Lets start with parametrizing the url to download the image
  • Lets use ARG instruction which allows values to be changed while building the image Refer Here Preview
  • Lets create one container from the image built. Login into the container & verify the environmental variables Preview
  • Refer Here for the changes done so far
  • ENV variables are available while builidng the image and also while the container is running as environmental variables
  • Refer Here for the changes done to docker file

We can use docker to build applications and package them as containers

  • Lets manually build game of life using docker
  • For game of life code Refer Here
  • Commands to build
    • Ensure maven is installed
    • mvn package is the command
  • Now lets try to create a container with image where maven is installed.
docker container run -it maven:3-openjdk-8 /bin/bash
git clone
cd game-of-life
mvn package
  • Once we execute these commands we can build the application inside the container.
  • So, can we container building technique as discussed above completely to build a docker image?
    • While i run my application i might not build the build system capabilities
    • Docker Image should be slim, so we need a approach where we build packages (application binaries) in one container copy them into lightweight image to create docker application image.
  • This can be achieved by Docker Multi Staged Builds.

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