DevOps Classroom Series 28/Nov/2019

Problems with Current Approach of Developing Cookbooks

  • Every time a correction is made to the cookbook, version is changed and new version is uploaded to chef server
  • This leads to incorrect cookbooks for some versions.
  • Solution is to upload only stable cookbook versions to chef server.
  • The Answer to solve this is Test Kitchen.

Test Kitchen

  • This is testing environment for chef cookbook development.

  • Workflow

    • Develop Cookbook
    • Test cookbook
    • Uplod cookbook to chef server
  • Test Kitchen has drivers. Driver is the virtual environment where the servers are created. Driver Examples are

    • AWS
    • Azure
    • Docker
    • Vagrant
  • In Test Kitchen,

    • a test vm gets created using the driver configure.
    • In this Test VM Chef Zero/Chef solo (Chef server and chef node on same machine)
    • Run list gets executed and logs, results are shared.
  • Whenever you create a cookbook, kitchen.yml file is created. This is the configuration file for test kitchen. Preview

  • In kitchen.yml file the default configuration will be using driver vagrant.

Test Kitchen Setup for AWS Test Environments

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