Azure Classroomnotes 31/Aug/2023

Azure Storage Contd

Hosting a static website using Azure Storage account

  • Static website is website developed in
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • Refer Here for official docs and Refer Here for step by step

Content Delivery Networks

  • In Azure We can create Azure CDN or Azure Front door profile to a storage account.
  • Once enabled the blobs can be cached in many regions and POP/Edge locations.
  • This improves your website performance
  • Watch the classroom video for configuration.

Azure File Shares


  • Overview
  • Create a Virtual Machine A
  • Create a Virtual Machine B
  • Now create a file share
    • Standard Storage account
    • Premium File Share
  • Mount the Azure file share in both virtual machines
  • Refer to the classroom video for commands and screenshots

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