DevOps Classroomnotes 05/Aug/2023

CI/CD Pipeline Based on Jenkins – Workshop

Virtual Machine or Cloud Based Deployment

  • We will be building a CI/CD Pipeline of a .net platform based application


  1. Jenkins Master and Node setup
    • Node:
      • os: ubuntu
      • software:
        • openjdk17 (jenkins)
        • .net 7 sdk
        • git
        • zip
  2. Build steps:
git clone
dotnet restore src/NopCommerce.sln
dotnet build -c Release src/NopCommerce.sln
dotnet publish -c Release src/Presentation/Nop.Web/Nop.Web.csproj -o publish
mkdir publish/bin publish/logs
zip -r publish
  1. Now create a Jenkins file, in such a way that when a commit happens on develop branch the build creates a nopCommmerce zip file.
  2. solution Refer Here for the jenkins file

Container Based Deployment


  1. Jenkins Master and Node setup

    • Node:
      • os: ubuntu
      • software:
        • Docker
        • steps:
          • curl -fsSL -o
          • sudo sh
          • sudo usermod -aG docker jenkins
            • note: jenkins represents the user on the node
          • restart jenkins server
  2. build steps
git clone
# replace latest with Git Commit id or build id
docker image build -t nopCommerce:latest .
#docker image tag nopCommmerce:latest shaikkhajaibrahim/nopCommerce:latest
#docker image push shaikkhajaibrahim/nopCommerce:latest
  1. Write Jenkinsfile for the above steps

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