Azure Classroom Series – 03/Oct/2020

Azure Migration Service

Lab Environment for Migration

Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

  • Refer Here for the complete details on cloud adoption
  • Cloud Adoption Framework brings together the best practices from Microsoft employees, partners and customers
    • Strategy
    • Plan
    • Ready
    • Migrate
    • Innovate
    • Govern
    • Manage
    • Organize Preview
  • What can be migrated?
    • Compute:
      • Physical Servers
      • Virtual Machines (Hyper-V/VM Ware VCenter)
      • Cloud Environments (AWS and Google)
    • Database
    • Webapp
    • DataBox
    • Virtual Desktops
  • How can we migrate?
    • Azure has one service Azure Migration Service which is a single stop solution for migrations
    • Unified Migration Platform
    • Range of tools: Micrsoft Tools & also ISV (Indepent Service Vendors)
  • Refer Here for latest and gratest details on Azure migrate

Azure Migrate Workflow

  1. Discover:
    • We Discover the on-premise / source from which we want to migrate
  2. Assess
    • Assess the Migration for Azure
  3. Migrate
    • Migrate to Azure

Azure Migration Architecture

  • There are two Popular architectures
    • Agent Based
    • Agent less Preview

Lets do the HyperV Migration to Azure

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