Azure Classroomnotes 05/Apr/2022

Azure Accounts and subscriptions

  • Azure Account:
    • To Create a free Azure Account Refer Here
    • Account is a global unique entity that gets you access to Azure Services and Azure Subscriptions.
    • We can create multiple Subscriptions in Azure to create separtion (billing or management purposes)
  • Tenant:
    • This refers to single instance of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) which is a platform for managing users, groups and the permissions.
    • Azure AD authenticate and authorizes security principles (users, groups, devices, appliation) against Azure Services.
  • Azure Subscription:
    • This is logical container in which we can create resources i.e. virtual machine, databases etc we need subscription
  • Relation between Azure Account, Tenant and Azure Subscription
  • Valid relationship between Subscription and Azure Active Directory (Tenant)
  • Each subscription can only trust a single directory.
  • one or more Azure subscriptions can establish a trust relationship with an instance of Azure Active Directory

Next Steps:

  • Creating users, groups, and other principles in Azure AD
  • Getting to know more about Azure AD
  • Sync between On-premise Active-Directory to Azure AD.

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