AWS Classroomnotes 09/Dec/2022

Connecting to AWS RDS with in VPC

  • We have create a windows vm and installed mysql workbench and tried to connect to the database (rds) which is present in the same vpc (network) and the connection was successful.
  • Lets try to make mysql connection over ssh using a public ip of the linux machine. This is refereed as tunneling connection.

Instance Configuration

  • AWS db instances have different sizes and purposes
    • General Purpose
    • Memory Optimized
  • With db instance type we indirectly selct
    • number of cpus
    • RAM
    • Network speed
  • For free tier usage we have
    • db.t2.micro => 1 vcpu and 1 GB RAM
    • db.t3.micro => 2 vcpu and 1 GB RAM
  • Not all db engines support micro or small instance sizes

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