AWS Classroomnotes 17/Jun/2022

S3 Contd

Bucket Deletion

  • S3 bucket deletion requires the bucket to be empty before deleting

Amazon S3 Access Control

  • One way of giving access is through IAM Policies which is common to all services in AWS
  • In S3 we can create policies at bucket level which is called as bucket policy
  • Lets create an S3 bucket
  • Create two folders and upload some objects into it with default values (don’t change permissions)
  • In S3 to provide access we have two mechanisms
    • ACL:
      • Older Authorization mecahnism
      • ACLS the have simple mechanism (They have ALLOW but no deny)
      • This is no longer the recommonded approach as we can give read, list write permissions only
    • Bucket policy
      • New Method
      • Policies can implement very complex rules and permissions

S3 bucket policy

  • Policy Generator: Refer Here
  • Json Refresher: Write a json which describes your laptop/desktop
    "Model": "Lattitude 7490",
    "Manufacturer": "Dell",
    "RAM": "32 GB",
    "Processor": "Intel i7 6th Gen",
    "Storage": [
            "Type": "SSD",
            "Size": "512 GB"
    "Operating System": {
        "Name": "Windows 11",
        "SKU": "Pro 64-bit"
    "Browsers": [
        "Chrome", "Edge", "Firefox"
    "Development Tools": ["VSCode", "Visual Studio", "Pycharm"]


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