AWS Classroom Series – 26/Nov/2020

AWS Instance LifeCycle

  • Instance States Preview
  • pending:
    • This is a transition state preparing to enter running state
    • You will not be billed in this state
  • running:
    • The instance is ready & running
    • You will be billed in this state
  • stopping:
    • This is a transition state to perpare for stopped or stop-hibernate
    • You will not be billed for stopped but billed for hibernation
  • Stopped:
    • The instance is shutdown
    • No billing
  • Shutting down:
    • Tranisition state for terminated
    • Not billed
  • Terminated:
    • Instance is permanently removed
    • Not billed
  • Note: This doesnot apply for reservations.

AWS Instance Purchasing Options

  • AWS provides the following instance purchase options
    • On-Demand Instance:
      • Pay by second/hour of instance usage
    • Savings-Plan
    • Reserved Instances (RI):
      • In Reserved instance model, we give commitment to amazon on particular instance type for a period of 1 or 3 years
      • Payment can be made
        • Complete upfront
        • Partial Upfront
        • Pay as you go
      • Amazon gives the following flexibility in Reserved Instances
        • AZ flexibility: The RI instance discount applies to instance usage in any AZ in the specified region
        • Instance size flexibility: RI discount applies to instance usage within instance family regardless of size (Supported on Amazon linux/Unix instances)
    • Spot Instances:
      • We can reserve the unused hardware in AZ’s at very less cost
      • We can bid for a price of ec2 instance type with some price (usually very less)
      • when the ec2 instance type prices is equal to your bid price ec2 instance will be automatically created.
      • Once the price of ec2 instance increases (due to other bids), then ec2 instance will be evicted from your account.
    • Dedicated Hosts: EC2 dedicated host is a physical server with EC2 instance capacity fully dedicated to your use
    • Dedicated Instances: Dedicated instances are ec2 instances that run on hardware dedicated to single customer
    • Capacity Reservations Preview

Understanding ec2 pricing

  • Scenario-1:
    • My Team has to create test environment for the following architecture. You are asked to create an estimate of pricing
      • 2 Web Servers: 2 VCPUs & 8GB of RAM

      • 2 App Servers: 4 VCPUS & atleast 8 GB of RAM

      • 2 db Servers: 4 VCPUS and 16 GB of RAM

    • Since the environment is test, lets use general purpose compute
      • Webserver (t2.large => 2)
      • app server (t2.xlarge => 2)
      • db server (t2.xlarge => 2)
    • Lets create an estimate (excluding storage costs)
    • Navigate to pricing calculator Refer Here
    • On-demand estimate Preview
  • Scenario-2:
    • Create the estimate for the same resource as in scenario 1 for production env
      • Web Server: Compute optimized
      • App Server: Compute Optimized
      • Db Server: Storage Optimized
  • Create estimates for Scenario 2 with
    • Savings plan
    • Reserved Instances partial upfront & Complete upfront and see the price differences.

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