AWS Classroom Series – 11/May/2021

Creating Images using AWS EC2

  • In this approach we create a Image based on the EC2 instance on which application is pre installed
  • The image created can be used to create multiple EC2 instances with the application.
  • Create an ec2 instance
  • Manually install/configure the application
  • Once the application is up and running, Create image using AWS Console Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • When we execute create image then
    • AWS creates a backup of the disk (EBS Volume) called as EBS snapshot
    • In addition to snapshot AWS stores some meta-information about the image created
    • This image will be stored in the Same Region by Default and the image will be private i.e. can be used by users in the Same AWS Account
    • The charges of the AMI are the snapshot charges Preview
  • AMI will have unique AMI id
  • To make AMI available to other regions Preview Preview
  • When the AMI is copied to other region a new AMI id will be created.
  • AMI can be shared with Other AWS accounts or can be made public Preview Preview
  • Now lets try to create an ec2 instance based on the private AMI created Preview Preview


  • Create an EC2 instance with two network interfaces as shown below Preview
  • Create a Amazon Linux 2 AMI with t2.micro as its size and open only 80 port
  • In AWS EC2 instance is launched in an AZ and connected to network on a particular subnet Preview
  • Lets create a security group to allow only our laptop to enter using 22 port Preview
  • Now lets create a new network interface Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now create an Elastic IP Address and assign to the management network interface Preview Preview Preview
  • Now lets try to login using SSH
ssh -i khajacloud.pem ec2-user@
  • Use cases for multiple network interfaces
    • When organization use management network separated from application network

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