DevOps Classroom Series – 19/May/2021

Ansible Variable Precedence

  • In Ansible we can define the variables at multiple places.
  • If the variable is defined only once then that variable will be applied, But if the variable is defined at multiple places (inventory file, host_vars, group_vars, role_defaults,…) then ansible has a precedence for variables
  • Refer Here for the official docs
  • Refer Here for the change set Preview
  • Refer Here for the next change set

Ansible Forks and controlling playbook execution

  • Fork: This represents how many parallel nodes can ansible execute. By default ansible is configured to run on 5 nodes
  • Ansible forks can be set
    • by passing argument to ansible-playbook command (ansible-playbook -f 20 ….)
    • Change the ansible.cfg and add the following which applies to all the ansible playbook executions
    forks = 25

Debugging in Ansible

  • In Ansible we can resolve errors in the debugger
  • For that add debugger in the play (debugger: on_failed)
- name: test playbook
  hosts: all
  debugger: on_failed
    - name: Wrong variable
        path: "{{ file_name }}"
        state: touch
    - name: Learning
        msg: "Learning debugging"
  • now execute the playbook Preview
  • Available debug commands
Command Shortcut Action
print p Prints information about the task
task.args[key] = value no shortcut Update module args
task_vars[key] = value no shortcut Update task variables
update_task u Recreate a task with updated task variables
redo r Run the task again
continue c Continue executing, starting with next task
quit q Quit the debugger

Preview Preview Preview

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