Azure Classroomnotes 03/Oct/2023

Migrations in Azure

  • Major Migrations
    • Server/Application Migrations
    • Database Migration
    • Storage Migration

Source i.e. On-premises


  • For running applications on a broader note we have
    • physical servers
    • virtual machines
  • In the case of Virtual Machines, each physical server will have an Hypervisor (VmWare ESXi, Hyper-V).
  • To control hypervisors on multiple machines, organizations use Hypervisor controllers like VCenter, System Center
  • In the virtual machine the os mostly can be linux or windows


  • Here broadly we have two kinds of Databases running on physical server or vm’s
    • Relational Databases Engines (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, Postgresql)
    • No-SQL (Mongo, Cassandra etc..)


  • Organizations for storage might be using
    • Network Attached storages
    • Storage Area Networks
  • Popular options:
    • Windows File share
    • NetApp
    • Pure Storage
    • Isilons
  • Protocols: NFS, SMB


  • Locations:
    • Microsoft has global presence and huge collection of datacenters in each location (Region)
    • Region List Refer Here
    • Region Types in Azure:
      • Regions
      • Regions with zones
  • Account Types:
    • Single Account:
      • Mutliple Subscriptions
    • Multi Account:
      • Managent Groups
  • Target Options: To be discussed in next session

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