AWS Classroomnotes 23/Jan/2023

AWS Operations

  • Status Checks of EC2

    • Launch an EC2 instance and verify the status
    • System Status checks are reported if there are issues with power, network etc in AWS AZ’s
    • Instance status checks are reported if the ec2 instance is unable to boot.
    • Generally the issues will be resolved by reboot
    • If the instance status checks are failing, we can troubleshoot by
    • Getting the system log
    • Screen shot
    • EC2 serial console Refer Here
    • Refer Here for trouble shooting using GRUB
  • Once we launch ec2 instances and we need to update the os or applications in it, for this we perform patching.
  • If we scale this problem and want to apply a patch (a necessary change)
  • We need to apply patches on multiple systems at one shot not by loggining into every system individually
  • The systems manager in AWS is a service which helps in acheiving remote task executions on ec2 and on-premise instances with the help of agent

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