AWS Classroom Series – 30/Nov/2020


  • AWS can be accessed through API from
    • Console
    • CLI
    • SDK Preview
  • In this series lets try to create ec2 instances with aws cli
  • Ensure aws cli is installed
  • Create an User for CLI Login
  • AWS CLI Commands:
    • Best way to work with aws cli is to explore commands by using search engine
    • Lets assume you want to create rds database instance from cli Preview
    • If you want to create s3 buckets from cli Preview
    • Now lets try to create ec2 instance using cli
    • To Create ec2 instance we need
      • AMI id
      • instance type
      • security group id
      • key value pair
    • Lets try to create ubuntu 20.04 in mumbai region Preview Preview Preview
    • Now lets search for the command to create ec2 instance Preview Preview
    aws ec2 run-instances 
    • Refer Here for the changeset
    • Exercise -1 : Create a Redhat 8 instance using aws cli
    • Exercise -2 : Create a Windows 2019 instance using aws cli
    • Exercise -3 : delete all the ec2 instances created above

Next Steps:

  1. How to create security group from aws cli
  2. How to create a key pair from aws cli
  3. how to create and use cli to create, view and delete ec2 instances

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