DevOps Classroom notes 19/Oct/2023

Minimal Git

  • Git is a Distributed Version Control System which maintains source code’s.



  • Getting the repository into local system
  • command
git clone `url`

# example

git clone

Working in git


  • Create a new repository in your github account
  • clone the changes into your local system
  • make changes and add them to staging area
cd <into your working folder>
git add .
  • Before commiting the changes from your system we need to perform one time setup. provide username and email id Refer Here

git config --global "Mona Lisa"
git config --global ""
  • commit the changes
git commit -m "some message"
  • Now to send the changes to remote repo
git push
  • To get latest changes from remote repository to local repo
git pull

System Setup

brew install git
brew install --cask visual-studio-code

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