Azure Classroom Series – 24/Jul/2020

Azure Firewall

  • Azure firewall is a managed, cloud-based security services that protects your Azure VNET Resources. It is a fully stateful firewall as a service with buit-in high availability & unrestricted cloud scalability

  • Azure firewall operates on Layer 4 & Layer 7 on TCP/OSI Layers.

  • You can centrally create, enforce & log application & network connectivity policies across subscription s& virtual Networks Preview

  • Features of Azure firewall

    • Built-in high availability
    • Avalilability Zones
    • Unrestricted cloud scalability
    • Application FQDN filtering rules
    • Network traffic filtering rules
    • FQDN tags
    • Service Tags
    • Threat intelligence
    • Azure Monitor logging
    • Certifications
    • Force tunneling

Creating an Azure firewall

  • Create a vnet with two subnets
  • Create a vm in one of the subnets Preview Preview Preview

Create a default route

  • Navigate to All Services => Networking => Route Tables
  • Select Add & Give a name firewall-router
  • Select Subscribtion & Resource group
  • Use the same location as your vnet and click create. Preview Preview
  • Now open your route-table & associate with workload subnet (subnet in which your vm is running) Preview Preview Preview
  • Now Create a route b/w subnet and firewall Preview Preview Preview

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