Azure Classroom Series – 25/Jan/2020

Azure Migrate Architecture


  • Existing Virtual Infrastructure should be running on VM Ware VCenter or Hyper-V
  • From Azure Portal, Download the appliance and create a VM with the appliance.
  • Configure the appliance, to connect to existing virtual infrastructure and Azure.
  • Start Assessment to get the Assessment report
  • Do the necessary changes (if required/suggested)
  • Start Migration Preview

Lab Environment for Migration

  • On-Premise Hyper-V Environment will be simulated on Azure/AWS.

  • To create Hyper-V Host on Azure, we need to use nested virtualization feature of Azure.

  • Refer Here to create a nested virtualization supported hyper V windows Server.

  • Endorsed Linux Distributions Refer Here

  • Endorsed Windows Distributions Refer Here

Sample Environment for Migration

  • We will be migrating 3 vms from hyper-v hosts
    • VM1: Windows Server 2016 with .net application
    • VM2: Ubunutu 18.04 Server with java application
    • VM3: Centos 7 Server with mysql(db) Preview

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