AWS Classroom Series – 25/Jan/2020

VM Import into AWS




  1. Convert the vms into supported formats
    • OVA/OVF (Open Virtualization Appliance)
    • VHD (Hyper-V)
    • VMDK (VMWare)
  2. Upload the exported format to the s3 bucket
  3. Execute aws cli to create the AMI from the exported format
  4. Create an ec2 instance with the AMI created.

Lab Environment for VM Import

  • Download the OVA files from here
  • Create a S3 bucket and upload the ova file
  • Install AWS CLI
    • Windows:
      • Download 32-bit/64-bit msi from here
      • Install the AWS CLI from the downloaded MSI.
      • Open Powershell and execute aws --version
      • Create an IAM user Refer Here
      • Configure IAM user to aws cli
      aws configure 
      # pass accesskey , secret key and region (us-west-2)
      aws s3 ls
      # check whether the s3 bucket which you have created is present or not

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