Azure Classroom Series – 24/Jan/2020

6R’s of Migration

  • Refer

  • Rehosting

  • Replatforming

  • Repurchasing

  • Refactoring/Re-architecting

  • Retire

  • Retain

Data Migration Approaches


Azure Migrate Service

  • Service offered by Azure to Perform

    • P2V
    • VM Migrations
    • Database Migrations
    • WebApp Migration
  • Two Step

    • Assessment
    • Migration
  • VM Migration Approaches:

    • Agent Based migration
    • Agent less migration
  • Works with ISV (Independent Software Vendors)


Azure Migrate vs Azure Site Recovery(ASR)

  • Even though both of them use many common components, As per microsoft Azure Migrate is one stop solution for migrations and ASR is a solution for Backup & Recovery (BCDR)

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