Azure Classroom Series – Developer – 2/Jan/2020

Application Categories

  • Web Application: Application which serves web pages and runs over http(s)
  • Web API: Application which serves REST API and runs over http(s)
  • Batch : Jobs or code which runs on a particular schedule.
  • Desktop/Mobile Apps: Client applications running using Windows/Linux tech stack.

What Application Categories does Azure Support?

  • Web Applications
  • Web API
  • Batch

Azure App Service

  • Azure App Service supports applications to be executed over http(s)
  • Azure App Service is PAAS.
  • Azure App Service has different Hosting Plans (Pricing tier)

Sample App Service

  • Create a Resource Group
  • Navigate to All Services and Select App Service
  • Create Azure App Service and Enter the following
    • Name: Ensure it is unique
    • OS: Linux/Windows
    • Publish: Code/Git
    • Runtime Stack: Choose your Technology.
    • App Service Plan: Choose the plan to suit your needs
  • Click on Create to Create the azure app Service. Once the resource is created navigate to URL of the App Service.

App Service Plans

  • Before we understand Plans we need to Look at some terms
    • ACU (Azure Compute Unit):
      • Unit Derived by Microsoft for measuring App Service Plans
      • ACUs can be used to compare Plans. More DTUs means more performance
      • Use ACU as relative Term across plans.
    • Included Features:
      • With the plan select we also get some included features
  • On a broader note
    • Free
    • Basic
    • Premium
    • Isolated

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