AWS Classroomnotes 13/Sep/2023

AWS Relational Databases

  • In General there are two broader approaches for databases in AWS
    • Managed Databases (Database as a Service):
      • AWS Manages
        • Database setups
        • Replications according to your configurations
        • Backups according to your configurations
        • Scaling:
          • Storage (Disk)
          • Sizing (CPU and RAM)
      • What we Manage: Our Data and connections
      • Supported Databases:
        • Microsoft SQL Server
        • Oracle
        • Postgres
        • mysql
        • mariadb
      • In the supported Databases there are few supported versions
    • UnManaged Databases:
      • Here AWS will give an Virtual Machine (EC2 instance) with pre-installed databases or you can install
      • Here you can select preinstalled Databases with AWS Market place and there can be hourly licensing costs extra to ec2 charges

What is my job here

  • Solutions Architect:
    • Choosing the right database Deployment option
    • Designing Availability, Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategy
    • Cost saving/Performance intensive design
    • Migration Strategy
  • Admin/Ops:
    • Implementing the Solution Proposed by architect
    • Automate the database setup and configurations
      • CLI

AWS Basics

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