DevOps Classroomnotes 19/Aug/2022

DevSecOps Contd….

Static Code Analysis

  • Peer Code Review
  • Since a person is doing the review, mistakes can happen.
  • Static Code Analysis tools take over certain responsibilites from Bharat
    • Coding Standards
    • Best Practices
    • Securiy Issues
    • Design Issues
    • Test Case Quality
  • If we can run this static code analysis with every change in the pipeline and
    • Phase-1 : Show the report generated
    • Phase-2: Fail the build if the agreed criteria is not met (Quality Gate)

Testing By DevTeams

  • Unit Tests: Developers are expected to write tests to check the code developed by team
  • When developers perform unit testing, there should be a way to measure the quality of unit tests.
  • Line Coverage
  • Branch Coverage
  • Note: As a devops Engineer, we are expected to create Quality Gates around
    • Test Coverage
    • Static Code Analysis issues

Softwares To Be Installed

Windows Users

  • Install chocolatey
  • Windows Terminal
  • Visual Studio Code (choco install vscode -y)
  • Git For Windows (choco install git -y)


  • Homebrew: Refer Here
  • Visual Studio Code (brew install –cask visual-studio-code)
  • git (brew install git)

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