Azure Classroom Series – 11/Dec/2019

Azure Monitoring for Individual Resources

Linux VM

  • Create a Resource Group
  • Create a ubuntu 18.04 linux VM with Size B1S
  • For Steps Refer Here

Windows VM

  • Create a Windows 2016 Datacenter Windows VM B1S
  • For Steps Refer Here

Monitoring in VMs

  • By default Azure Renders graphs with CPU, Disk and Network Information. Preview

  • For any other custom Graphs, Navigate to Monitoring Blade and select Metrics. Preview

  • Now lets create a grid for Percentage CPU, Disk Write Operations Per Second, Disk Read Operations Per Second, Network In Total , Network Out Total

  • Stick this grid to dashboard Preview

  • Navigate to the Dashboard Preview

  • Once you are done adding items to Dashboard, before deleting vms delete the graphs in the dashboard.

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