AWS Classroom Series 24/Oct/2019 – Networking

AWS Networking Basics

Home Network





  • Modem => Internet Gateway
  • Router => Route Table
  • Home Network => Subnet

Create a Network with new Route Table and Internet Gateway

  • Create a VPC in any region
  • Create a subnet in the vpc
  • Create and attach Internet gateway to VPC
  • Create a Route Table
  • Associate the subnet to Route Table
  • Edit Routes in Route and add rule for any ip address (apart from your VPC range) to go to internet gateway

Searching CLI’s

  • Cheat sheet
aws cli <servicename>

google for aws cli vpc
  • Command line basics
<command> [<subcommands>] [--argname argvalue] [argvalue]


docker create --name test  helloworld

aws ec2 describe-vpcs
  • AWS Command line
aws <servicename> <action> [args]

aws ec2 describe-vpcs

AWS CLI Commands

aws ec2 create-vpc --cidr-block ''
aws ec2 create-subnet --cidr-block '' --vpc-id <vpc-id>
aws ec2 create-internet-gateway 
aws ec2 attach-internet-gateway --internet-gateway-id <igw-id> --vpc-id <vpc-id>

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